Sunday, March 20, 2011

Ruidoso Winter Park

This place was so much fun. Ruidoso Winter Park is a great way to spend a day in the snow. I was actually surprised at how steep the hills were and how fast the tubes came down them. I guess I just must be getting old. Growing up in Newfoundland I spent many winter days sliding. Here they call it sledding. I was happy that Evan was all for it and wanted to go on the steepest hill first. See, there really is some newfie in my little guy. Sherry, (Josh's Mom) joined us for the adventure. I was afraid to take my camera on the rides but snapped a few pictures after the day was done. So glad we got to take this adventure while living in New Mexico.

In this Picture you can see how high the slopes are. Evan and I went down the highest slope and spun completely around. Evan's reaction was AWESOME, my reaction was Scream !!!!

First two slopes. They may not look like much but there is a jump on the second one and you actually catch some air.

Evan and Nana getting ready to come down for the last slide of the day.

Evan on the kiddie slope, he did not like this one.

Nana, Momma,and Evan ready for some Hot Chocolate after 3 hrs on the slopes.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Valentine's Day at our house

We LOVE Valentine's Day at our house. After taking down all the Christmas decorations things just seem way to dull. So we pull out all the Valentine's Day decorations and add a little LOVE to the house. Josh was going to be gone for Valentine's day so we made a little treat for him to take with him.
To get the Holiday started , I decided to make my first Tie shirt. I think it turned out so cute. A big thank you to my Sew Momma, Jennifer from Lil Plain Jane.
Josh's LOVE notes from Mommy and Evan. I made this cute little love notes container and we each added 7 messages to Daddy to start opening on the 1st of February. He really enjoyed it!!!

Our Valentines Welcome

I purchased this adorable pink tree at Walmart's after Christmas Sale for $5.00 and we decorated with Valentine Decorations

We decorated the walls with lots of LOVE !!!!

There were Hearts everywhere.

I found this cute "Countdown to Valentine's day" on Secrets of a Super Mommy blog. I made a simpler version that will become a new tradition for our family. Evan had so much fun with it. He loved waking up to a special surprise each morning. I just got some Valentine Ribbon and hung 14 valentine socks, (which I bought from the Dollar tree) with a simple clothespin. Inside each sock was a special valentine treat.

Some surprises were to Big to fit inside the socks, so I put a valentines bag under the tree.

Valentine's pjs, one of his surprises

Valentines Morning

The Red champagne glass was another surprise

Happy Valentine's Day Daddy

The mug was another surprise

Valentine's Day Balloons

Evan's room when he woke up Valentine's day morning

Making Heart shaped Pizza

He did a good job

Ready for Bed

My little Sweetie !!!

Finally asleep with his Daddy doll !!!!!

Friday Night Movie Night

Friday nights at the Summerlin household are reserved for Family Movie nights. Not only does Evan get excited about the whole event , so does mommy and daddy. It is time for us to relax at the end of a long week. It allows us to put on our PJ's and remember what is really important. Daddy wasn't able to be with us for this one, but he was there in Daddy doll spirit. This Doll has been the greatest thing for our family.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Lordy, Lordy, Can't believe I am forty!!!!

Well, That year has finally come. I am now officially in the forties age group. I never thought this day would come so soon. Really it isn't bad at all. It has been kinda like a New list of New Years resolutions for me. I made myself get back into exercising everyday. I have to say, I feel so much better then I did at 39 ,when I decided to take some time off from exercising. Glad to be back at it again. My birthday fell on a weekday so it was a low key Birthday Celebration. I was really shocked to wake up to all the birthday decorations from my sweet husband. If you know my husband this is good decorating on his part. We live in a very small town with no party store so he and my little boy drove over 2 hrs away to get all the 40 birthday supplies. I have to say I was very impressed. This decorating will not be on the front page of Tip Junkie, but in my eyes it was very impressive. My husband typically leaves for work at 0730hr in the morning.. So before he left he got up and went to the store and was back home cooking omelets and Mimosas' for my special day. I was impressed with everything he did. Thank you honey for making my day so special.

He decorated the whole kitchen with Happy 40th Birthday Banners and balloons

He even remembered the plates and cups.

This is what I walked into first thing in the morning. So Sweet.

He thought of everything. Love the roses.

For supper we went to The Vines Restaurant, and enjoyed a night of no cooking and a nice glass of wine
Celebrating my special day with my two favorite men.

My present, a new Cricut Expression, what more could a girl ask for!!!!