Sunday, March 20, 2011

Ruidoso Winter Park

This place was so much fun. Ruidoso Winter Park is a great way to spend a day in the snow. I was actually surprised at how steep the hills were and how fast the tubes came down them. I guess I just must be getting old. Growing up in Newfoundland I spent many winter days sliding. Here they call it sledding. I was happy that Evan was all for it and wanted to go on the steepest hill first. See, there really is some newfie in my little guy. Sherry, (Josh's Mom) joined us for the adventure. I was afraid to take my camera on the rides but snapped a few pictures after the day was done. So glad we got to take this adventure while living in New Mexico.

In this Picture you can see how high the slopes are. Evan and I went down the highest slope and spun completely around. Evan's reaction was AWESOME, my reaction was Scream !!!!

First two slopes. They may not look like much but there is a jump on the second one and you actually catch some air.

Evan and Nana getting ready to come down for the last slide of the day.

Evan on the kiddie slope, he did not like this one.

Nana, Momma,and Evan ready for some Hot Chocolate after 3 hrs on the slopes.

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